Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am grateful for all of the people that I have met this year. Some have presented challenges, which allowed me to learn something new and to change something in my life to work better or to bring me more peace and joy.
I am grateful for those who have shared part of themselves with me.
I am grateful for those of you that attend this virtual gratitude party.


Julie Lynn said...

Hey Renee - I'm ready to help you get this party started!! I'll start by saying I'm grateful for you. I can't tell you the energy that has been running through me since our coaching call last night when your idea of a gratitude party and my idea of a recess world were validated and here we are a day later taking action on our great ideas.

Gratitude literally changed my life. When Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach first came to my attention, I began to think about Gratitude all of the time. She introduced the idea of a gratitude journal. I combined this with my morning pages (a tool suggested by Julia Cameron in The Artist Way). For about 6 or 7 years now, I've listed at least five things I'm grateful for every single day in my morning pages. I've taken walks with my dog where I spend the entire 20 minutes listing what I am grateful for. So, I've built the habit of looking for things I am grateful for and I can tell you it certainly has had an effect. I'm happier. I have more of what I want. I look at the world differently and though I have always been a positive person, I ramped that up dramatically.

So thank you for creating this space to take it all one step further and share with others. I'll be back with more to share!!
Julie Lynn

Jille said...

Hi Renee:
Hey, if it is a party, I'm here!
In fact, Rudy and I have a habit of being the first ones at the party and the last to leave (even after the clean up). Thank you so much for hosting this event.
I believe that Gratitude is one of the key elements in the attraction process. It is so important to the process that I have an entire CD (volume 23 due out next November 2008) in my Guide to Graceful Living Series devoted to the topic.
When I started my journey to awareness and living my life on purpose, Just like Julie, it was Sarah Ban Breathnach with her Gratitude Journal who showed up in my life as well.
I have the word Gratitude strategically placed around my house and in my car, to remind me to go there as often as possible. Focusing on Gratitude has been like being granted a miracle a day. It is very powerful and very positive.
I am so very grateful for you Renee. Your mission to touch 1000 lives a day is a powerful, bold statement of your purpose and you spirit.
Your many wonderful gifts after my family and I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina was so incredibly valuable to us and we still reap the benefits on a regular basis. I am grateful to have you in my Coaching Group and to have you as a friend.
You are a light in the world and you are shinning bright.
With Love
Jille Bartolome, MCC
P.S. Julie, I can’t believe you beat me to the party. What do you expect from Recess Girl?

LaurieJohnson said...


How amazing you are to have thought of such a wonderful event for all of us to share! I am thrilled to have a moment today to share my gratitude with you and with everyone who comes to the party.

I too love Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance work and use it often to express my gratitude for everything that I have and can experience. This past year, I am most grateful for my beautiful granddaughter, my home and return to some semblance of normalcy after Katrina, my experience with coaching and the journey to this new career, and my youngest daughter's success in receiving a full scholarship and transitioning to college. I could go on and on and on which is a blessing unto itself.

I hope you continue to experience the abundance of the Universe. You have certainly touched my life. Enjoy the party.

Anonymous said...


This is a pretty easy one for me at this point in my life! I'm grateful to you for helping me see straight after mass confusion! I'm grateful that I had alot of support and no criticism when I dropped my class that was causing more stress than good, and I kept going back to your comment to me that taking a class might show me that what I really wanted to be doing was playing in a sandbox with my boys - and that's exactly what I decided (for now)!

I'm especially grateful that all the heart testing came back just fine! I hope every year we get the same reports!

I'm grateful that I still have a great job that I love, that I still like my husband (ha-ha, but really), and I'm grateful that we are in a good enough position financially to be able to be Santa for my nephews again.

I told you this one was easy for me! Thanks for inviting me to the party!

Kelly Silver