Saturday, January 5, 2008

Year End Reflections

As I review my progress forward, I look back on this past year to remind myself of all of the small action steps I have taken that have propelled me to where I stand today.

I create many opportunities to meet and listen to people. I keep my sights on what I am aiming towards for my future- both business and personal goals. I continue to work on HOW I say things, seeking always to say what I mean in the most powerful way possible. (See the March 2007 issue of my newsletter at

Listening to that little voice inside of each of us, I began to think I hadn't accomplished as much as I planned in 2007. Contrary to that belief, I am actually overwhelmed by the things I had experienced, accomplished and created.

When you take an assessment of where you are or what you have recently accomplished, what belief do you need to challenge?

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