Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Being Uncomfortable

I am intrigued that many of us are inclined to operate within our comfort zones, with great resistance toward anything might change that comfort. We hold tight to the familiar and hesitate to explore the unfamiliar.

Fear of change keeps us holding on to things that we would not choose for ourselves if we redesigned our lives.

I recall working for a boss who always put themself first and never spent time creating a work environment that encouraged and supported employees. The attitude was one without appreciation for individual contribution. The situation became uncomfortable enough to give me the strength to challenge some of the comments that were made. In the end, it gave me the courage to leave a job that no longer reflected who I was at the tme and what I wanted for my life.

I realized afterward, that prior to leaving that job I was teaching my children to settle for what was readily available or comfortable. Once I left the job, I gave them a lesson on reaching for what you want, doing it with grace and dignity and then be grateful for the opportunity to become uncomfortable.

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