Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prayers of Gratitude

Prayers of Gratitude
By Renee Canali

What if we took the risk
of getting close enough
to a homeless man
to experience his journey?

What if we paused
long enough
to feel the pain
of those that suffer?

What if, as we yearned
for someone to hold us,
we instead
held someone tightly?

What if we could observe
what is wrong with the world
in order to experience
what is right?

What if we stayed silent
long enough
to detect the faintest cry
from someone close by?

What if we found strength
among all our fears and insecurities,
discovering that strength is not only of the flesh
but more importantly, from the mind?

If all the world stopped
to listen
at precisely the same moment,
what would be heard?

Prayers of gratitude.

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