Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Warning:Opportunities Abound!

So many times I am reminded in very small ways that every day offers a multitude of opportunities for us to be grateful. For example, I received a call for help with a sick child because the mom was ill as well. The child needed to be picked up at daycare and brought home for tender loving care. I decided to take my lunchbreak to extend a helping hand. Driving home. I found myself smiling because I realize how grateful I am to have raised my two children already. I can now watch them discover the wonders life offers.

One of my clients is in the process of discovering how much insight she has when dealing with people. I know she feels the excitement of "something's coming", but does not yet realize the gifts that are unfolding. As this client moves into her fears, she begins to get more of a taste for what lies beyond. Once she decided to abandon the beliefs that hold her back,she has discovered old beliefs don't have as strong a hold as before. They keep coming back to check in-just to make sure she hasn't decided to go back to the old comfort zone.

This weekend I was greeted with a very warm welcome at the checkout stand in the grocery store. The checkout clerk remembered a few kind words I had shared a few days before when life wasn't flowing well for him. He was eager to tell me how just a few words had helped turn his day around-and he was still feeling the effects!

My mission in life is to touch 1 million hearts every day, both directly and indirectly. I am blessed to have chosen this journey, knowing that such small opportunities for kindness and gratitude make such a big difference and appear every day in each of our lives.

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