Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hidden Glimpses

A neighbor today apologized for a spouse-in case I had experienced "the wrath" of their partner. Enduring diabetes and the loss of a limb, several car accidents and a head injury left this neighbor's spouse in a position of dealing with a lot of emotion. Some emotion is an effect of necessary medication and the rest, I suspect, is internal fear being expressed.

My gratitude goes out to both of them-to her for being open and expressing herself without fear of my reaction. And to him for allowing outsiders to have a glimpse into the inner world he faces each day.

I am grateful that I have been shown how emotions are the thread that leads us to the essence of a person. The more I practice seeing beyond the window dressing-the way we are in public, what we own, the list of our accomplishments- the truer picture I have of what each of us has inside at the core of our being. It is not easy to pierce this veil we hide behind. But one small glimmer of light beyond can lead to deeper understanding and longer lasting relationships.

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