Saturday, March 15, 2008

Seeds of Understanding

Spring- the time of year when the seemingly barren earth begins to burst with energy. The sunlight grows stronger, the earth cracks with promises of untold beauty and people seem to be cleaning out the winter dustbunnies from their brains. Spirits become lighter and I feel a new breath of hope for the year.

I invite you to take time to sit still and drink in the beauty around you. Sit outside for 15 minutes each day. Begin by taking a slow deep breathe and exhaling; repeat two more times with your eyes closed. Slowly open your eyes and notice what you focus on first. IS it a sound (or NOISE)? A smell (or fragrance)? Something which doesn't "belong" (or a discovery)? Reflect on the reactions you have. Choose one reaction which could be changed into a positive easily. Close your eyes once again and as you take three more deep breathes and exhale slowly, allow your mind to "change" the situation. As you open your eyes, open your thinking to embrace the possibility that change has occurred.

The situation you had noticed may or may not have changed; But I suggest that YOU have changed!

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