Friday, April 11, 2008

Grace in Crisis

It is hard to imagine that in times of crisis, such as the flooding in the heartland of the United States recently, that there is plenty to be grateful for in our lives. As I listen to some of the residents of these towns under water, I hear their heartfelt thanks to those who have saved them, rescued their families and belongings, and provide food and shelter. I hear how fortunate they feel to still be alive. They have a long road ahead of them as they put their lives back together and deal with the aftermath of these natural events.

This is a reminder to us that in every crisis there is an opportunity for gratitude. As a matter of fact, there is always a reason to be grateful.

Today I am grateful that I slept well. My family awoke healthy. The sun has appeared after days of clouds and the air is warm and fragrant with spring blossoms. The gas company is working diligently behind our home to fix a gas leak that was caught before disaster could strike. The city workers that collect trash showed up for work today, have trucks to safely remove our debris with and are pleasant and helpful. I have hours more to provide my services to those seeking change and momentum in their lives. I am grateful for those that read this blog and invite everyone to find something to be grateful for...share your stories and thoughts.

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