Monday, April 7, 2008

Gratitude and Acceptance

I continue to focus on things that I am grateful for this month. I realize that part of being grateful is being able to accept that some things are out of your control. The key is to consciously challenge what you can and cannot control.

At any time during the day, it is possible to hear a news story focused on what is wrong with the economy. When I hear those stories seeping in to my day, I consciously decide whether or not I want to hear them. I cannot control that the stories are there, but I can control whether or not I listen and then what I act upon or react to. The stories themselves are not harmful, but I believe the "spin" they are delivered with can be harmful if you allow yourself to be pulled by the undertow.

There are realities that we need to be aware of and part of the realitiy is that life is a cycle. Stocks go up and they go down. Prices go up and then prices balance out. Things look bleek and then people use their resources to counter the negative effects.

When we accept the whole of this reality, we can affect individual parts of the whole by becoming more informed, by making deliberate choices, by preparing and taking action to better position ourselves or improve our situation.

Accept that currently there is a great opportunity to improve many aspects of your life. Then, become informed, prepare and take constructive action.

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