Monday, May 5, 2008

Amazing Grace!

I was having a bit of procrastination this morning. I found myself moving from one task to the next, then on to something else with very little focus. After exercising, I took the dog for her walk and there the day unfolded.

I met a neighbor several streets from my home. As I guided my dog around her so we would not disturb her lawn mowing, I said hello and the world changed. The dog instinctively laid down in the shade, while "Sandy" and I began to chat-this after telling the pooch we only had a few minutes to roam. Sandy began to remark about the house next door that sold last year and had recently been up on the market again. From there, we talked about her children and family, her own situation and about coaching.

As I listened intently to the wisdom she shared, I stood in amazement. This woman had endured raising an Asberger's Syndrome child, let go of a dear relative with complete acceptance, empowered her daughter after fear and anxiety set in during the last of her teen years and letting go of a spouse. She said, "Until now, I never thought I'd overcome struggle. I spent those difficult times doing one thing, then doing the next one thing until the day was through." Sandy used some of the very tools I use in coaching.

Reframing the situation- Sandy clearly understood early on that it is necessary to see things as they appear "on the outside" in order to choose what to do. A new perspective allows new options to appear.

Focus- Knowing in which direction to move can be the key to success or temporary failure.

Matching beliefs and values- When your values are in opposition to a belief you have adopted,achieving a balance is essential to building momentum.

And gratitude-When you are grateful for what each situation brings to you, you are given more.

Sandy, thank you for showing me through your experiences in life, how much I have to be grateful for today. You expressed the lessons I needed for today.

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