Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today I am grateful that I continue to distinguish between things I enjoy and those things that I enjoy which are also good for me!

Let me explain a bit. I love people, ideas and synergy. Many times I get caught up in the energy of an opportunity without taking a moment to understand if the energy is pulling or if it is the opportunity itself. Sometimes we are given opportunities so that we can determine if they are here at the right time.

Have you ever gotten really excited about something, really caught up in the moment to find, in retrospect, that it is not what you need most in your life right now? Think about the last time you went shopping and saw something that just took your breath away. You HAD to have it! You may have thought about it, pondered it and decided to buy it, despite some reservations. You bought the energy that it gave you. Later you say to yourself, "Why did I buy that anyway? It doesn't look right, fit right, etc. It was way to expensive for my current lifestyle."

I now ask myself several questions before I make these "energetic" decisions:
1. How would my life change if I choose this now?
2. Is there something similar that fits my needs better?
3. Do I need this or WANT this?
4. What cost would I pay for not following through right now?

I still get caught up in the energy sometimes. When I do, and later realize the choice may not have been the best for me, I am grateful to have discovered yet one more way to define what I really desire.

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