Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grateful Giving

This entry is from a dear friend I met on a cruise this past October.

I have had the most wonderful afternoon! The installer was here changing our satellite service to Direct TV. I was in my office working on locates when I thought I would attempt to return the man's kindnesses. He had gone to a great deal of trouble to run cable up to the tree house. He had told me he would hook up our existing recorders and the grandchildren's games. He also displayed patience in teaching me DVR olgy.

I explained to him what I was doing and asked if there was anyone he would like for me to locate. Without hesitation he blurted, "my brother, Howard!" "We were brought up in the boy's ranch out of San Antonio and we have not had contact with him for nearly thirty years". There had been three of the brothers at the ranch with a sister having been raised by an aunt. I made him no promises and went back in my office.

Twenty minutes later, he came down the hall on his way to another set in another room. I called out to him, "John, come here please." "Your brother is on my phone". He walked into the office with a look of total disbelief. Without a word to me, he took the phone and asked firmly, "who is this"? Of course, I could only hear his part of the conversation but, it was clear that he was testing this person claiming to be his long lost brother. "Do we have any siblings?" "Oh Dear God, that's right". I later learned that the third brother's name was Fred G. Jr. but these two brothers called him G.G.

I left the room as his voice started to choke. A few minutes later I walked in to get my cell phone and heard him tell his brother, "I have three sons Howard." "Three!" "Yes, they are 27, 24, and 17." "I love you man!!!"

When he had finished the call, he walked outside where Weldon and I stood trying to give him privacy. He thanked me profusely and went on about his work.

I walked into the last room he was hooking up to tell him I was leaving for an appointment and to thank him. As I walked into the room, he was holding his cell phone to his ear with his shoulder as he worked with the cables. He looked up and again had tears in his eyes. He was talking to his sister and trying to convince her that he had actually talked to Howard and they were planning a family reunion.

Was it chance that he was the one sent to install the system or was it the divine hand of the Master Communicator? Lordy, I love my job!

Jan Elliott

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