Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I am grateful that I knew my mother. She taught me many things, some through her own mistakes and some through her own difficulties.

I believe I taught her some things, too. I taught her to believe in herself no matter how many things she felt she did wrong. I taught her to accept that she did the best she could. I taught her how different I was (LOL). I showed her that she could still dream in her 70's.

I celebrated her graduation from High School at age 50, her first job in over 40 years (other than raising 7 children herself) and her strength as she learned to deal with her lung cancer. I celebrated that she lived longer than the doctors gave her. I celebrated her death.

Mom passed away 9 years ago, but she lives on inside me. As silly as it may seem, there are times I do something, notice something, capture a random thought- and smile a smile of thanks- for I know it was my mom checking in.

Happy Mother's Day!

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