Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Energy Mirror

Two neighbors, both is their 80's, stopped to chat with me while taking their morning walk. One neighbor has heart problems and the other is recovering from cancer treatments. They both remarked today that several times already this week, people they have never met in the neighborhood stopped their cars as they headed to work for the day to tell these women how much they have been missed as part of a morning routine. Each person that stopped asked if they were doing well because their morning strolls were interrupted by health issues.

These women were amazed at the reaction of unknown neighbors! I understand that the energy these women give off as they meander through the neighborhood each morning, enjoying the company of the other, greeting those out and about with a smile or a wave brings them energy mirrored back in the form they emit.

As I expressed this idea to each of them, their responses were the same: Aren't we lucky to live in a neighborhood where people care about others-known to them or not.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a great example of gratitude.

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