Friday, June 6, 2008

Finding Grace

In the last post I introduced you to Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor; a "stroke triumphant" and neuroanatomist. I hope you have listened to at least one of her interviews with Oprah (

Today I want to share her experience as the effects of the bleeding in her brain during the first few hours of her stroke bring her to new realizations.

From her book, My Stroke Of Insight:

p.41 "the harder I tried to concentrate...As the language centers in my left (brain) grew increasingly silent and I became detached from the memories of my life, I was comforted by the expanding sense of grace."
p.42 "Instead, I now blended in with the space and flow around me....WOW, what a strange and amazing thing I am."

As I read these pages and Jill's description of the early phases of her stroke, I am amazed at how more intensely we would experience ourselves if we could learn to turn off the chatter in our minds. Since reading page 42, I practice saying to myself as often as I can "WOW, what a atrange and amazing thing I am."

Just those few words are so empowering to me. I am grateful that Jill has allowed us to grow through her experiences and insights. I am also reminded that many times we discover the most about ourselves and our abilities in times of great pain (physical or otherwise).

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