Monday, June 9, 2008

Gratitude and Attraction

Much is being said about The Law of Attraction since the introduction of the movie "The Secret". The Law of Attraction basically says you get what you think about.

How does that relate to gratitude?

My experience continues to reinforce my belief in the Law of Attraction because the more I discover I am grateful for, the more opportunities I have to be grateful.

Recently, my daughter came to visit for a quick weekend. She came down to give her friend a sendoff as he departs for bootcamp. Her time with me was limited, but I loved every second of it. I am grateful that I could hear her softly breathing as she slept. I am grateful that she teaches me lessons about myself and her world as a young adult. She also attracts wonderful people into her life. I truly enjoyed interacting with her friends and appreciate the opportunity to see the world through their eyes.

While my daughter was here, one of our cars died and had to be left at the side of the road for a while. I could have chosen to worry about getting it towed, getting it fixed, making complicated arrangements for me to get to a seminar in Baltimore and for my husband to get my daughter to the bus station in DC or to forego altogether the opportunity I was given to participate in the seminar with David Neagle ( I chose to be grateful that we had two cars to begin with. I celebrated that I had choice, as did my husband and my daughter. I am thankful that no one was harmed due to the failure of the car while it was in motion.

So, what did I attract with my gratitude? I still am not aware of all that I have attracted: but the car started right up when we went to rescue it, my daughter arranged her own transportation to the bus station, my husband had a day to relax by himself, I attended the seminar and met several fantastic people and enriched my understanding of the role beliefs play in our lives.


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