Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mind Chatter

WOW! I just finished listening to Oprah's Soul Series interviews with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor ( and I am really amazed at the insights Jill shares with us as she journeys through a stroke at the age of 37.

If you are not yet familiar with Dr. Jill, she is a neuroanatomist who studies the functioning of the brain. In 1996, while at the top of her profession in brain circuitry research at Harvard's Medical School of Psychiatry, she suffered a rare type of stroke which usually results in death.

In her book, My Stroke Of Insight, she describes the experience she has in understanding the untapped abilities of the human mind. Over the next several months I will share some of Jill's moments of gratitude. To truly experience the enormity of her experiences, I urge you to read the book AND listen to the interviews!

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