Thursday, June 12, 2008

Promoting World Peace

Here's a great way to test the power of your beliefs!

I believe in the Law of Attraction and believe we can all change the tide from terror and mayhem to peace and prosperity. That is the one reason I started a gratitude blog! I know you want more peace in your life and in your world, so I thought you'd like a website I found.

I watched their movie and took the steps they suggested to create greater world peace. There is a "Personal Peace Impact Meter" which measures the peace each of us is creating!

The Personal Peace Impact Meter not only shows the positive effect you're having, but when the people you talk to, take positive actions towards peace, that shows up as part of the peace impact you are having, too, because you started the referral chain! And then their friends tell their friend's, and so on. It all shows up on the meter...really cool!

Here's the link:

My goal is to touch one million hearts every day and this is one way I can achieve my goal. If you value peace and are grateful for opportunities which allow peace to enter your life, please take a look-if only to feel peaceful for 5 minutes today.

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