Friday, June 13, 2008

Unlucky or Ungrateful?

Friday the 13th. When the 13th of any month lands on a Friday, many people see this as a flag for unlucky things to happen. I see this superstition, when taken seriously, a dangerous undermining of our own power to create what we want for our lives.

I have always looked at Friday the 13th as a day I intentionally go out to prove the superstition wrong. I look forward to creating a great day by actively seeking things for which to be grateful.

Friday June 13th-what I am grateful for today:
I woke up! Alive!
My family is safe.
I enjoy my neighborhood and those neighbors I have met.
I do not have to believe, listen to or repeat the doomsday messages from media which are running rampant in an attempt to scare us into surrendering our power to create bountiful lives.
I enjoy my yard and the gold finch flock that comes to visit.
I am grateful that others live in gratitude.

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