Thursday, June 12, 2008

What do you Believe about Gratitude?

The question for today is "What do you believe about gratitude?"

I believe that gratitude plays a very important part in our lives. Having gratitude, heartfelt thanks, for all we have, do and experience in our lives is essential to success and happiness. Each time I practice gratitude I find that I connect more clearly with what I feel is important in life. I consciously choose to be grateful for something every day. Sometimes it is a visit from my 4 year old "boyfriend" neighbor. Tuesday I chose gratitude for the helpfulness and honesty of the car repair shop I brought my car to for an oil change.

When the day seems to be taking a negative turn for me, I immediately begin to look for things for which I am grateful. The least I can expect from this practice is to feel better at the end of the day. Most times this practice changes the direction or flow of events for that day.

Having a practice of gratitude, I believe, balances out the negative things that occur around us every day and tempt us to jump on the pity train.

Do you believe that having gratitude makes a profound difference in your life? Let us know how!

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