Friday, July 11, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

July is turning out to be very hot and dry here in Maryland. As the leaves of the trees begin to curl for lack of water and the grass bleaches to a pale green, I find myself drinking in the color dotting gardens and lawns. Flowers, whether domesticated or natural (weeds) give us a chance to see the contrast we live with every day.

I enjoy each flower large and small. Soon the flowers will begin to wither and their memories will be lasting remnants of this year's harvest.

For me, the flowers remind me that even in distress, there is something beautiful to discover. Weeds-or daily problems-are gifts for us to unwrap when we are ready.

I am grateful for this natural process. Bloom, grow, wither and renew! I strive to see the "color" when times seem bleak. I drink in what I can, even if the color is pale and bleached. That's where life hides its purest pleasures.

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