Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Remembering Grace

The days are long and the sun is hot. The strength of the sun obscures the contrasts that we usually enjoy as we drive to work, walk to the store, cut grass or run from one cool place to the next.

This time of year can put pressure on our ability to keep our cool. Hot, tired, wanting for vacation or holiday, our bodies and our minds are searching for refuge from the building pressure.

Instead of indulging in whining and complaining, which is easy to do when you are stretched and uncomfortable, this is one time I choose to remember grace.

Calm in a storm of furry.
Peace when fighting knocks at your door.
Wonder in the face of confusion.
Savor in place of wanting more.

Smile when your heart is heavy.
Dream when hope is gone.
Be brave when you have no answer.
'Tis grace that moves you on.

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