Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Virtual Banking

I have been having fun playing virtual banking this month. This is an exercise from Esther and Jerry Hicks in several of their books, such as The Law of Attraction. Here's how to play:

Deposit a sum of money into your bank account each day. Choose an amount that is way out there for you- maybe 2,000 per day or maybe 20,000!

Each day, you must spend every penny of the money however you wish: vacations, fun gadgets, charity, fixing cars, homes, etc., investments, retirement. Write each purchase down and what you spent.

Repeat the process every day but avoid always choosing the same purchase/expenditure. For instance, don't always pay your debts or save for retirment. Shake it up a little!

Here are some of my fun expenditures:
Habitat for Humanity- $10,000
Solar panel for the roof- $20,000
Vacation in Hawaii- $13,000
New Bikes- $800
Food for Food Bank- $3,000
Cruise with Esther and Jerry Hicks to Alaska- $8,000

If you do not know what something costs, estimate the cost on the high side and let go of the money! It's so much fun I hope every reader plays for a month!

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