Sunday, October 19, 2008


There is something about a clear autumn day, a bright blue sky and a strong sun that allows me to let go of worries, fears and expectations. On days like today, it seems that nature conspires to draw me outside so that I may just let go and breathe again.

It's that unencumbered feeling of pure joy I experienced as a child, rolling down hillsides or following an escaped balloon in the wind,that brings clarity to my life and gets me back in touch with the childlike wonder that guides my spirit.

As evening falls, the air cools and gently guides me back indoors to cuddle with myself and loved ones, to dream of what the future can be. Still untethered from expectation, we eagerly move forward with hopes and wishes.

I am grateful that others dream big dreams, share their secrets of success and connect with other dreamers-all for the purpose of discovering what is possible.

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