Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Natural Way to Meditate

This weekend, I suggested to my husband that we take a walk on one of the nearby nature trails and treat the dog to an outing as well.

We took the dog to a nearby park and walked along one of the trails, watching her track animal smells as she moved quickly through the woods. She never found the animal(s) that belonged to those smells. If she had, we would probably still be laughing at her surprise! She's curious, but not necessarily brave.

Even though we were only gone about 30 minutes, I enjoyed the time outdoors. It amazes me that it can seem so quiet in the middle of a city; yet, if we listen closely, there is always a cacophony of vibration surrounding us.

Being in nature is my favorite way to meditate. I stay quiet and just move through nature as I observe it around me. Sometimes I find the quiet among the noise; other times I seek out every sound I can distinguish from another and guess it's origin.

It is the peaceful balance I find healing. I am grateful that I live among many opportunites to observe nature frequently.

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