Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Write Your Own Headline

In my newsletter, Cultivating Seeds of Change, I invited my readers to write their own headlines each day for the rest of the year. There are about 90 days left in 2008and this is a great way to accelerate your appreciation and gratitude.

Here are my headlines for today:

Mindset Coach Cultivates Change for Thousands (I am grateful for the reach of my business and all of those clients who have blessed my life).
US Political Climate is More Cooperative (I am grateful there are still people in this country willing to serve in this capacity).
US Government Acts Responsibly (see above).
College and Vocational Training Made Available to All (I am grateful for the opportunities available here).
Awareness Levels Increase World Wide: Evidence of Global Cooperation Exists (I appreciate the many individuals who support others worldwide).

What headlines would you write?

To read the newsletter outlining this process, go to:

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