Sunday, November 30, 2008

Appreciation Poem


Hustle bustle, faster pace.
Who was that?
I didn’t see the face.
Faster, faster we all spin.
What a world we now live in.

I watched the news-
What a horrible sight.
Someone’s without a home tonight.
What was that? Vandals strike?
I wonder what that would feel like.

Stepping out-
Notice the crowd.
These are neighbors, scared but proud.
Pulled together, hand in hand
Together, united, we all must stand.

Strength, it grows,
Day by day;
Person to person, in very small ways.
A nod, a smile, a friendly face.
Many people filled with grace.

Respecting differences,
Reaching out.
That is what a global community
Is all about.

Renee Canali July,2005

1 comment:

Des said...

I am grateful to know that a person of such warmth and spirit walks the earth - and that person is Renee. You are truly a bright, sun-filled light on even the darkest days. I celebrate and appreciate you!