Tuesday, November 25, 2008


November 27 is Thanksgiving Day in the US. Although the focus in many homes turns to great food and football, the spirit of the holiday is to gather and give thanks for all we have, materially as well as spiritually.

I am thankful that I have met many unique individuals over this past year. I have been presented with and created opportunities. I have a wonderful, growing support team. I am blessed with health, as is my family. I have strength and support to endure what may come to me in the form of challenges. As I have overcome challenges in the past, I know I can do the same in the future.

I thank each and every person with whom I have crossed paths this past year. Drivers that gesture because we disagree on how to function on the roads together, people whose hurt and anger have been thrust my way, people I have smiled at but were unaware I had them in my thoughts. Thanks to those that have served me in some way-waitstaff at restaurants, clerks in stores, police, fire and rescue personnel, banking associates, telephone operators and customer service associates. I thank the utilities for bringing me electricity, water, sewer service, cable, telephone and heat.

Most of all, I thank YOU for reading and contributing to my blog. The world is awakening to the power of sharing positive energy and this is only one way we can gather to send our energy to others.

May your life be blessed with the expression of gratitude daily. If you haven't yet taken time to check out The Gratitude Diet by David Margolis, please consider it for yourself or a loved one this holiday season. I do not receive any consideration for this product-I just believe in its power.
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Peggie Arvidson said...

ABC's of Gratitude (c) 11/08 >

The last few months have been a rollercoaster for me. There were
definitely times that I did not want to get out of bed and face all the odds and ends that were waiting for me - including bills and people who were backing out of agreements -- because they were afraid the bottom was falling out from under them and they wanted to "duck and roll."

What helps me get through is reminding myself, genuinely, what I'm grateful for - and today, in honor of this week of Thanksgiving in the US I'd like to share my list with you.
A - Arvidsons & Aherns - my family. I wouldn't be me without my family tree (Dad's & Mom's sides)
B - Beginner's mind
C - Choice. Every day I can choose how to live my life, earn a living and be in service.
D - Dogs, Kiera and Deuce and all the others on the planet!
E - Extra cheese - on just about anything makes it better!
F - Friends. Without the family of friends I've been blessed with,
I'd be a very different gal!
G - Gardens. Even though laying dormant this time of year, a vibrant garden is readying for spring!
H - Hawks in the sky each day.
I - Independence. Living where I can be an independent woman and
being in charge of my life!
J - Joyful service.
K - Knowledge and learning.
L - Love in all it's forms - drives out fear and keeps me grounded.
M - Michael (my life partner)
N - Naps - learning to be cat-like in self-care is wonderful!
O - Oceans. So much to learn from the ocean!
P - Peonies & Petunias. Two of my favorite flowers. (you thought I'd
say puppies?)
Q - Quality service, quality time, quality relationships
R - Renewable library books
S - Sushi
T - Technology for keeping me connected
U - Universal Love and connection V - Vision of the future
W - Water
X - Xeriscaping
Y - You - my clients, friends, family and tribe. Oh, and Yoga!
Z - Zebras (this is a hard one - and I'm thankful for all of the
creatures on earth -so let's let Zebras represent them all!)

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the normal things like life, family, friends, a job, etc. But the number one thing I am thankful for the most is my belief in GOD. He has gotten me through so much in in a lifetime including all the doubts that "I just can't continue", "I'm not worthy", "I will never be loved again", "I'm not good enough", and "I just can't do it!"
What a wonderful Father we all have that is always there for us whenever and where ever we need him. He comforts, gently scolds and unconditionally loves and forgives us.
Is there anything more than we can ask for?