Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Little Gifts

Last week, during my weekly trip to the grocery store, I met a couple in the parking lot as they scooted past me in the parking lot. We smiled at each other as they passed me on their way into the store.

I grabbed a cart and headed through the produce section, down the dairy isle and up the next isle. As I rounded the corner, I came to a halt. There, in front of me stood the couple. The man and woman both had their own carts which carried their canes and a few grocery items. They were rolling down the isle together, side by side.

There isn't much room to go around a double wide grocery cart convoy. I called out, "Oh, I see. You are paying me back for blocking your path in the parking lot!"

They both turned around and saw me standing there. We shared smiles once again. We joked back and forth a moment. Then, the magic began. As we made small talk, I learned that the man is a commercial artist with his own business. He does celluloid drawings for each of his children's and grandchildren's birthdays which are placed on the cake for the celebration and easily removed to cut the cake. These celluloids are treasured by each family member and stored for future pleasure.

One daughter shares a birthday with me. Although days apart, we were both born the same month and year. The couple, after learning of this coincidence, adopted me into their family. Right there in the grocery store!

We periodically bumped into each other as we meandered through the remaining isles. As I finished paying for my groceries, I spied them in the card isle and went to say goodbye. They were conspiring about the next birthday cake design as they gathered ideas from the cards before them.

We hugged and smiled and parted ways, remarking how wonderful it would be if we chanced a meeting in the future.

That special encountered occurred on my birthday. It was the best gift I received this year.

God Bless, George and Rhea. Thank you for making my day magical and special.

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