Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Gratitude

In 2008, I experienced many giving people and many great opportunities. My overall impression of 2008 is that more people around me were pleasant, kind, understanding, patient and forgiving.

While shopping for the holidays, I realized over and over again how many people were standing in lines without complaining or grumbling. More people reached out to help others- by steering other shoppers in the right direction, calming bored and overwhelmed children,sharing ideas and even tables in the Eatery at the mall when capacity for separate tables had been reached. I witnessed people offering change at the register to complete a transaction-even when many felt the pinch of the economy on their wallets and purses.

Through my own development this past year, I know I attracted much of what I encountered. But I also know that there must be many others doing the same thing because of the remarkable consistency in kind behavior others as well as myself experienced. Most people I spoke with about their holidays remarked at how peaceful and simply life was for a few hours or days.

I had to take time to share how much I appreciated being surrounded by tidings of comfort and joy!

Happy New Year!

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