Thursday, January 1, 2009

Life Lessons I am grateful for

Here are some life lessons I am grateful for:

Don't step in gum.
Don't run barefoot in a dog's yard.
The more you scream, the less you hear.
Laughing is necessary.
When you think you know the most, you know the least.
Choices are reversable the second time around.
Imagination is the key to an extraordinary life.
Some lessons are given more than once, until they are learned.
Every accomplishment begins with one step.
Each life begins with a dream.
Music exists everwhere if you listen with your heart.
All we ever need is right in front of us.
When you can't find yourself, look inside.
Friends are the mirrors of our souls.
Get connected, stay connected.
A kind act is the seed of better tomorrows.
See life through a child's eyes.
We are all teachers. Be careful what you teach. Choose the lessons wisely.
Whatever you give in life comes back tenfold. Give what you want to receive.

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