Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Present

If you love getting gifts -- and who doesn't -- then why not accept, with gratitude, the greatest gift there is: the "present" moment. Key lesson 3523

Guy Finley

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have spent some time this week connecting to people via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Friend Connect and more. It is great to be able to share with people from all over the world.

I welcome new visitors to this blog and hope you will share a thought of gratitude with everyone!

Today's thought:

Life's journey takes us through many twists and turns. It is not our purpose to avoid these detours, but to appreciate what we see along the way.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birth, Death and Taxes

The last few days have brought to me the opportunity to appreciate what I have in a different way than usual. One neighbor has a new grand baby-the first in the family. Another neighbor slipped getting out of the shower and 3 days later her body gave up and left this earth. Rest in peace,Coleen.

In between, when I chose to listen, there were stories of failing companies, job loss, hopelessness and taxes.

From my perspective this week, there is always sorrow, joy, worry, hope and fear surrounding us. Our job is to choose what to respond to and how to respond.

I appreciate those times when I shared conversation with my neighbor Coleen. We had humorous talks, informational chats, "catching up" conversations and heart to heart connections. In the reverse, I am truly happy for my neighbor and her new grand baby, her new role as grandma and her daughter's new role as mother.

I will honor those that have passed through my life as they traveled to the world beyond by holding the best of them in my memories.I will cherish the moments of discovery as new people enter my life. I will turn my attention, not to the turmoil and fear that surrounds me, but to the hope and promise that resides within each of us.

I am grateful that life allows me to experience the ends of the spectrum, so that I can find my place. I choose peace, joy, love and hope.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Abundance of Love

On Valentine's Day 2009, I am grateful for the love that others share with me now and throughout my life. How often do we take time to appreciate the many ways others show us their love for us?

We may prefer that love come to us in certain forms. As long as love comes to us, it is a gift. Sometimes love comes to me in the form of frustration-frustration that things are not working out as a loved one wishes for me. Sometimes it comes in the form of silence-silence from the bestower of love because they cannot find the words to say.

The one thing I believe no one can survive without is love.

Here are ways I will share my love with others:
Be respectful of their wishes and their views.
Be accepting of those habits or idiosyncrasies that I find uncomfortable.
Reach out with a smile, especially for those that are disgruntled or unhappy.
Thank each person I interact with for adding to my life in some way.
Become at peace with the past-forgive.
Give my best in all I do.

What other ways can we show love?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dirt Poor and Still made it!

Recently my Uncle Howie wrote his memoirs from early childhood through his marriage to Aunt Marilyn. Howie was my father's youngest brother. My father passed away just weeks before my 6th birthday and I never really knew much about his life. What I thought I knew turned out to be his creative mind illuminating the fantasies he must have lived as a child. My dad told me he was part native american only to find out he lived near an indian reservation. He told me stories about Kentucky, but never lived there.

Through Uncle Howie's memoirs, I think I understand a little about my dad's vivid imagination. My grandparents were dirt poor, lived in a house without running water or inside plumbing of any kind. The outhouse was less than spectacular and the wood stove only warmed whatever was within 2-3 feet. It was a treat for them to have bread and milk pudding made from stale bread. This was in the early 1940's!

Amazingly, like others surviving the Depression, my dad and his younger brother succeeded in life. My dad joined the Navy, earned a degree in Physics and taught at the Capitol Radio Engineering Institute. My uncle went George Washington University where he earned his PhD.

What made me realize the sacrifices my dad went through to get where he did in life, to provide for his wife and family of 7 was Uncle Howie's story. I thought about that once again this morning after a story about poverty in Appalachia on Good Morning America.

How can you express the gratitude in your heart for the suffering and senseless poverty that exists still today when many of us are in turmoil over cutting back gas consumption or losing cable tv? I express my gratitude each time a bill arrives because it reminds me that I have something of value to pay for. I take a moment to talk to a "down and out" man collecting change at the intersection. He has never asked me for anything. He blesses me each time I see him and ask how he is. I thank those who provide security to my community-police, fire fighters, etc.

I am grateful that I have so much to grumble about if I choose. Imagine not having much of anything: what would there be to grumble about?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Planting Seeds

I haven't written in about a week as I was preparing to speak at NIH's CORE week, which started Monday Feb. 9.

My presentation was on increasing the greatest asset you have-your mindset. The crowd at NIH was awesome! So many people willing to share ideas, information, questions and suggestions. I walked away with more than I came with, I'm sure.

So today, I am expressing my gratitude to Rachel Permuth-Levine and Michael Donovan for organizing the event and making opening day run smoothly and efficiently for presenters and participants. I am also grateful to those individuals that came to hear me speak and enriched my presentation with their participation.

Special thanks to Paula Bisacre, Publisher of reMarriage Magazine, for giving a live testimonial for me and for helping with the preparations.

To all I met on Monday, thank you for stopping by the booth and sharing a moment of your day. I am truly grateful.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Meal of Gratitude

Today I would like to share a meal of gratitude with you.

The drink for today is pleasant punch, full of enjoyment and cheer.
The appetizer is meaningful moments; micro moments of thoughtfulness to enrich your day.
The salad includes laughing lettuce, cheery tomatoes, calming celery tossed with a sweet drizzle of delightful dreams.
The soup, warm and soothing, is a blend of subtle spices and nectar.
The entree is a combination of trust, integrity, support and friendship, rolled together in a flaky dough and baked in the sun.
And for today's dessert-
A generous scoop of imagination, joy and unending curiousity.

Please feel free to leave a tip, comment or suggestion for the menu!