Saturday, February 14, 2009

Abundance of Love

On Valentine's Day 2009, I am grateful for the love that others share with me now and throughout my life. How often do we take time to appreciate the many ways others show us their love for us?

We may prefer that love come to us in certain forms. As long as love comes to us, it is a gift. Sometimes love comes to me in the form of frustration-frustration that things are not working out as a loved one wishes for me. Sometimes it comes in the form of silence-silence from the bestower of love because they cannot find the words to say.

The one thing I believe no one can survive without is love.

Here are ways I will share my love with others:
Be respectful of their wishes and their views.
Be accepting of those habits or idiosyncrasies that I find uncomfortable.
Reach out with a smile, especially for those that are disgruntled or unhappy.
Thank each person I interact with for adding to my life in some way.
Become at peace with the past-forgive.
Give my best in all I do.

What other ways can we show love?

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