Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Planting Seeds

I haven't written in about a week as I was preparing to speak at NIH's CORE week, which started Monday Feb. 9.

My presentation was on increasing the greatest asset you have-your mindset. The crowd at NIH was awesome! So many people willing to share ideas, information, questions and suggestions. I walked away with more than I came with, I'm sure.

So today, I am expressing my gratitude to Rachel Permuth-Levine and Michael Donovan for organizing the event and making opening day run smoothly and efficiently for presenters and participants. I am also grateful to those individuals that came to hear me speak and enriched my presentation with their participation.

Special thanks to Paula Bisacre, Publisher of reMarriage Magazine, for giving a live testimonial for me and for helping with the preparations.

To all I met on Monday, thank you for stopping by the booth and sharing a moment of your day. I am truly grateful.

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