Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Importance of Pulling Together

Recently, a member of my husband's family experienced a stroke. Since then, every family member and friend hasexperienced the power of pulling together to aid in the healing of not only the patient but of those surrounding them.

Healing from stroke is very different from healing from an illness in the sense that part of the healing is mental and is not visible to outsiders. The stroke that struck my husband's family member affected the mobility of the left side. The muscles controlling speech, swallowing and smiling are all learning how to again perform their respective functions. The arm and shoulder muscles must learn how to interpret signals from the brain in order to create movement. The thigh, knee, leg and foot all need to take orders from the brain and learn how to synchronize their movements in order for a step to be taken.

As these miracles occur in the patient's body and mind, those around him pull together to synchronize visits and to provide care and support of other family members. Most importantly, outside of the patient's recovery, I have discovered how important it is to conserve our own energy and to allow others to do the same.

Recovery from stroke is a very mental game, as described by Jill Bolte Taylor in My Stroke of Insight. It is a mental game inside and out.

I am grateful for the discovery that in order to give healing energy I must conserve my own energy. Otherwise, I could become a drain on the patient's energy: which is critical for recovery.

Coach Renee

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