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Inside Out with Dan Caro

From Jayne Moffit's "The Unabridged Life" newsletter, Feb.26,2009 ISSN 2008 216360 with permission.

Jayne's message:

For more than 10 years now, I've been helping people build a bridge between dreams and reality and no matter what the dream is there is one criterion that must be met to bring it to life. Whether it's in business or the arts or simply how you present yourself, the vision that you dream of must be communicated effectively to the rest of the world. Once you find that dialogue, success will happen. Without it, you may as well be talking to the proverbial brick wall. There are two key factors to communicating your vision; Gratitude and Confidence. Gratitude for everything in your life brings you into alignment with honesty and the Universe responds to honesty with growth. Honesty invites the expansion of you and therefore your vision. The second key is confidence. Confidence that everything is working just as it should, opens up the pathway for trust between you and the process of manifestation. A vision communicated with Gratitude and Confidence will inevitably manifest in the real. You can read more about this alignment here, but right now I'd like to turn your attention to an inspiring speaker that epitomizes these ideas. My friend Dan Caro, has been choosing gratitude and confidence his entire life. Overcoming monumental obstacles, he now communicates his vision with sincere truth and honesty in both his music and his speaking. Read Dan's Inside Out story below.

What in the World Does One do Without Hands?
by guest Author: Dan Caro

When I was twelve years old I asked my dad if I could play a musical instrument. Being a musician himself, he was very excited. He and I both thought that the drums would be the easiest instrument for me to play. The question now, is how does one hold drumsticks without fingers?

At the age of two, I was severely burned in a gasoline related fire and lost most of my hands and all of my fingers. I have third and fourth degree burns over nearly eighty percent of my body. After many reconstructive surgeries, to make me look as normal and as functional as possible, I underwent a surgery that gave me the use of moveable thumbs. I was able to grip the drumstick with my left hand using my newly created thumb. With my right hand, however, I had a big problem. Even though I have the same type of reconstructed thumb, it is much smaller so I was unable to grip the stick.

I thought about this very creatively and decided that I would need a device to wrap around my wrist to grip the stick. I tried a bowling glove first, made of very rigid leather. It held the stick snugly against my wrist but it was too rigid preventing the stick from moving. In drumming, the stick needs be able to move freely. Next I tried, very foolishly, glue and then duct tape. Neither of the results were very favorable. Actually, both hurt very bad and caused major skin irritations. I tried rope, orthopedic splints and many other kinds of wraps but nothing seemed to work.

After weeks of trying some pretty crazy things, my dad suggested using a tennis wristband. I tried it and liked it a lot but it was not tight enough which led to the idea of trying rubber bands. The rubber bands had the right amount of tightness but it hurts having rubber bands wrapped tightly around your wrist. Finally, I decided to use the wristband with the rubber bands on top. It worked perfectly. As a matter of fact, it works so perfectly, I have not modified the technique at all. Even with several Orthopedic and plastic surgeons, a prosthetic maker, several occupational therapists and a Boeing engineer spending hours and hours trying to help create something better, I am still using my wristbands/rubber bands, or as I have come to know it, the "No-Hand" wristband.

This "No-Hand" wristband has allowed me some of the greatest experiences I could have ever imagined. Who could have thought in 1982 after my accident, as I lay dying on an operating table with my fingers literally crumbling off of my body, I would become a professional drummer touring the country? Who could have thought that I would even be alive to tell this story?

We are all blessed with an abundance of ability and opportunity. Some choose to accept this and others choose to reject it but know this, it is your choice. As it turns out, my accident was the greatest gift I've ever received. Everything is possible. You are your only limit.

"No-Hand" Dan Caro

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