Friday, April 3, 2009

Generosity of the Universe

Here's a story from a friend and colleague:

I didn't sleep much last weekend after learning of my husband's layoff. I kept getting this strong feeling that I needed to write a letter to his boss. I heard the one little voice in my head that said, "Don't be silly! He [the boss] will think you're a nutcase!" After mulling things over all weekend, I finally decided to follow my instincts and write that letter.

Basically, I expressed thanks for the dignity in which the boss gave my husband the news and the compassion with which he handled removing my husband from the office (it was done in a much more humane way than his previous company had done it). I then told him that with the layoff, my family was now like strangers in a state w/o a support group of friends and family. I asked if the company would be willing to contribute to our relocation for a new job.

Well, yesterday I received a letter from my husband's boss. He wrote that the company will be sending us a check for two weeks' pay to help cover relocation costs. And he added that I should let him know if he can be of further help. Wow.

Are you stressing out about something? What is that little voice telling you? NO- not those rampant thoughts of doom and marterdom. The small voice in the background. The one you hear when you tune in to your heart! What can you ask for from the universe?

Coach Renee, The Mindset Coach

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