Friday, April 24, 2009

Letting Go and Focus

How often do you catch yourself focusing on the negative or downside of a situation?
It's easy to do unless you really pay attention to what you are thinking.

When I find myself thinking about what is wrong or begin to worry about something, I have been fairly successful at refocusing my thoughts to NOW. Yesterday, our dog seemed out of sorts a bit. She was scheduled to go to the vet next week, so I was going to "let it go". I began to worry that she was getting ill and at 13 years old was on her way "to the other side". I called the vet and she asked if I thought my dog needed to come in right away. I decided to check in with my intuition-I took a moment to let my fear and panic pass a bit and decided to bring the dog in this morning.

Over night, the dog seemed fine and I slept without tossing and turning. It felt a little strange to actually pause and let the panic pass, then check in with how I really felt about her condition. The vet just called and the dog is fine.

How many times are we given these situations so that we can practice letting go to learn how to make decisions beyond our fears? Do we stop and show gratitude for these opportunities?

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