Friday, August 13, 2010

Bernie Siegel Quotes

I recently listened to an interview with Bernie Siegel,MD from Windows to Wellness ( )where he shared many wonderful insights. I am so grateful for the impact they had as I listened, I want to pass them on to you.

Think of your experiences when you ask someone "How are you?" Many times they mumble "fine" or "ok" or "Don't ask". Bernie's recommendation when someone asks you this questions is to respond, "I have no complaints whatsoever". This is gratitude at work. If you complain, you are missing the opportunity to be grateful for what you do have. It doesn't mean everything is great all the time:it focuses on gratitude and brings your thoughts to something better.

In a conversation with Norman Vincent Peale, Norman explains "It's not about quiet or noise..It's about finding your rhythm, the harmony in your life."

A few weeks ago here in Maryland, we experienced a 3.0 earthquake at 3:30am. When I opened the door to see what it was that had happened, I noticed that there was no sound-No THING. Bernie says, "Silence is the loudest noise". I understand exactly what that means.

If you want more of Bernie Siegel, MD visit his site:

Coach Renee

Monday, August 9, 2010

Daily Energize by Rich German

I subscribe to Daily Energize by Rich German. Today's messgae is one I'd like to share with you. You can find him

Think about these 2 facts and then answer the question:

1 – If you have a roof over your head, food on your table, and
clothes on your back, you have it better than 75% of the planet.

2 – 50% of all human beings live on less than $2 a day.

How big do your ‘problems’ seem now?
Moral: Be grateful for what you have!

Thank you, Rich

Whatever problems, challenges or difficulties you face today, counter it with thoughts of something you are grateful for. Rich's exercise gives you a good vantage point from which to start.

More and more research shows that changing the direction and focus of your thoughts to a more positive perspective increases your awareness of what is right and will eventually reduce the amount of misfortune, stress and misery you experience. Give it a try. And when you are ready to give up, do it for another month consistently. Let me know how you are doing/ do.

Coach Renee

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Been a Long Time

It's been almost a year since I have shared my gratitude and gratitude messages. I haven't taken the time to blog but I have taken time often to show my gratitude and celebrate the gifts I have received in my life.

My immediate family is celebrating the birth of the first grandchild, Isabella Marie. My husband continues his employment and his parents seem to have overcome some hurdles-constant health issues, moving and stroke recovery.

I continue to discover ways in which I can grow and learn. Love has been an essential ingredient in my ability to move forward. Have you listened to Shawn Galloway's You Tube "I Choose Love"? I found it to be very moving when I first heard him perform live at the I Can Do It Conference in Tampa this past November. Please be sure to visit his site (Personal recommendation, not a paid endoresement).

I, too, gave birth this year- to a new book "Life As An Onion: The Journey Back to Your Core". It will soon be in print but can be found as a download on my website. This book was finally brought to the surface when I had the opportunity to sit next to Lynn Lee who had also attended the I Can Do It Conference. We had not met at the event but synchronicity brought us together on the plane home. She was still dealing with the death of her daughter who had passed away when the driver of the car she was in fell asleep at the wheel. As Lynn shared with me her daughter's death and it's affects on the family, I realized (more clearly this time) that we all have layers of experience, thoughts, beliefs, pains and triumphs. Those unresolved issues and deep wounds expose themselves when the layers of our lives wear thin. Thus, the birth of the book.

So today I am grateful that I am back blogging and connecting to millions of hearts. I hope you will share your gratitude and love through this blog or in your own way. Just share.