Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eldon Taylor Mind, Meaning and Mysteries Seminar

I am grateful that NY Times Best Selling Author and Hayhouse Author Eldon Taylor is sharing a free online seminar with millions of people. I watched his video presentation and want to share a few things that I teach or was reminded of during the viewing.

1. Everything we know, we know in a context. Unless we expand our context, our knowledge is limited.

Try this exercise: in 2 minutes, write down everything you can use a paperclip for. GO!

2. Research shows that our brains will "make up stuff" when we have holes in our thinking; incomplete ideas. Our minds fill in the blanks when there is a dissonance between our programming (set of beliefs) and what we deem to be reality.

Have you ever been at an accident scene or a witness to a crime? How many versions of the events are there? Usually as many as there are witnesses. We "see" things from our context and our brain interprets the information. When it is incomplete or memories conflict, we make something up to fill the gap.

3. Question "common knowledge". When the masses of society know something, take time to pause. How do we all know the same thing?

Example: In the 1400s people "knew" the world was flat. They could not see "over the edge", so they assumed the world ran straight ahead until it ended at the horizon.

Example: The world knew that man could not fly. Until the Wright Brothers took flight in an airplane they built from imagination. Now, we are in outerspace, although that once was a commonly known IMpossibility.

What is possible that the masses currently believe can't be?

4. We disregard experiences that do not fit our paradigm. Those of us that were raised ,for example, to look down on those more wealthy than ourselves begin to suspect ideas that are contrary to our experience of being in "lack".

How do you explain why you are not making more money? Having more fun? Enjoying better relationships?

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Please comment on the video and let me know what you got from it.

In Gratitude,

Coach Renee

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