Sunday, October 31, 2010

Season of Gratitude 2010

A Season Of Gratitude
11/5/2010 –11/25/2010
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I am excited to have found this gratitude practice from Unity of Ames, a non denominal place of growth and transformation. The physical location is in Ames, Iowa. The "universal" place begins on their website and is spread through gratitude, appreciation of others, and respect.

Please read the invitation below and share your thoughts and experiences as you practice and spread gratitude in November.

*************************************************************************************Join us as we participate in the practice of gratitude. The Season of Gratitude is a 21 day practice that culminates on the Feast of Thanksgiving. In 2010 it begins Friday November 5th and goes through Thanksgiving November 25th.

Develop the act of being thankful and being in gratitude by sending a thank you card each day of the season to someone or something that has blessed your life. The first Week we focus on family. The second week we focus on our friends and coworkers. The third week our focus is on businesses, groups or organizations and those that run them.

We are confident that practicing the act of being grateful WILL have a tremendous impact on your life and those around you. ****

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Please make gratitude a priority this season. Remember, we can choose to be grateful for things that may seem less than perfect. Each circumstance or situation brings with it opportunity and gifts.

Coach Renee, The Mindset Coach