Monday, December 12, 2011

Four Fundamental Questions

Neale Donald Walsch proposes 4 fundamental questions in life:

Who am I? Describe yourself from the viewpoint of your role in the world. Identify how you influence the world, it's people and it's future.

Where am I? Describe how are you experiencing yourself in the world. Describe "the world" you live in in terms of what is does "to" you, "for" you or "without" you. Is the experience one of being schooled, competing, being devleoped or molded?

Why am I where I am? Give great thought to the decisions and choices you have made that resulted in the reality you find yourself in today.

Most importantly, what do you intend to do about THAT? What choices are you going to make differently and what difference will that make in your experiencing of the world as you have known it to be?

"There is no more powerful change than to start a conversation" Neale Donald Walsch, P.50

How will you engage in this conversation?

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