Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Things to Journal Every Day

These ideas are courtesy of Glenn K. Garnes and The Abundant Society

5 things to journal each day:

1. The one most important accomplishment for that day
2. People I meet and talk to each day-noting key words to describe the interaction.
3. A quote that is my inspiration for the day
4. What one thing I improved on today
5. What I am most grateful for today.

Imagine what you could learn about yourself and the way you think!

How much would you accomplish if that is one of your focuses each day?

Have inspiration in the form of a guiding quote each day.

Wouldn't it be great to appreciate one improvement each day-one that is yours?

Going to bed with a deep sense of gratitude is something many great leaders have done throughout history and still do today.

If you concentrate on getting better at something each day, you cannot help but grow!

I invite you to try journaling these 5 things for 2 weeks. Come back and share your experiences! In the meantime, check out Glenn K. Garnes and The Abundant Society here:

Abundant Society

In Gratitude,