Thursday, October 24, 2013

Garden of Gratitude

I am a gardener at heart. I love to walk outside, identify trees and plants. I love to look at the similarities and differences in the plants as I stroll by. I love to plants seedlings or seeds and watch as they grow and transform.

In gardening, I sometimes look at a plant and have to determine what it needs. It grows slowly, has a pale color, and hasn’t bloomed. 

It’s the same with people. Sometimes we need supplemental strength, encouragement in order to grow better and stronger. Sometime we lose our way and we need someone to again show us the light.

Sunlight: shine on their successes, no matter how small. Adjust the sunlight according to the size of the accomplishment. We all want to be appreciated-do it often and sincerely.

I have often thought about how each of us plants seeds every day: we share ideas, disappointments, concerns, frustrations. We also receive seeds from others in the form of comments, suggestions, and concerns.
Rocks in the garden: obstacles that are difficult to move around and sometimes are deeper than we think.

Several years ago now, I realized that I planted “weeds” instead of seeds sometimes unknowingly. Fortunately, my love of gardening has brought me to this place. Many times, I thought I was nurturing my kids, making them stronger. Instead, I sometimes fed them too much in the way of criticism, scolding, negative comments and sometimes I found myself walking past my little flowers without seeing them as they were-seeking shelter, needing a warm, caring heart to hold them until they found the inner strength to stand on their own. There were times I protected them too much from the weather. They couldn’t develop the strength to weather the storm. I prevented them from developing their own “root” system.

Raising children reminds me of a 7th grade science experiment where we had to take 5 similar plants. We put one in sunlight with no water, one in darkness with no water, one in sunlight with water, one in darkness with water and one in a stable environment with sunlight, darkness, water and fertilizer. We studied the effects of the different environments on the health of the plant. We recorded our observations every day for two weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks, we had to draw conclusions about the effects of the environment on these plants. The one that received a variety of nurturing was the healthiest and despite the sometimes harsh or infertile environments, some of the other plants survived but were weakened and ripe for disease.

Mary, Mary
Quite Contrary
How does YOUR garden grow?

To a Bountiful Harvest,

Coach Renee  

Monday, October 14, 2013

International Latina Gratitude Day

More ways to celebrate Gratitude-

Have you heard about International Latina Gratitude Day?

International Latina Gratitude Day Oct. 15, 2013

Please visit Zulmara Maria's blog with information regarding the day: Check out her podcast, too.
You can also share quotes and inspirations here:
Tomorrow, Oct. 15,  join the google hangout as "we raise our collective voices in gratitude!
Zulmara Maria's personal invitation:
On my site, you can download a FREE Gratitude Journal and everyone who participates will get a FREE copy of " My Life is My Message" poetry book.

Sharing gratitude and expanding the party,
Coach Renee 

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

 Canadian Thanksgiving Day, October 14

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends, relatives and followers!

Although I hear that Thanksgiving in Canada is not as large of a celebration in the United States, it is still about celebrating and being grateful for the harvest.

In my mind, the "harvest" is:
All that I have in my life to share with others
All of you who have shared part of my life
All of the possibilities that exist, even those I have not yet recognized

Of course, there is always the opportunity to give thanks for shelter, clothing ,food, warmth, health, friendship, medical care, transportation, support, guidance, income.

In honor of Thanksgiving in Canada, I am urging you to show thanks to someone, for something today. Post a comment here, tweet, blog, send an email, write a thank you note (see The Big Thankyou post).

A few minutes of your day will be spent well.

In deepest gratitude for the individuals that you are,
Coach Renee

PS- A great resource Is the book 365 Thank Yous by John Kralik

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Big Thank You to Our Troops

Weather in the Eastern United States is beginning to resemble Autumn and Autumn is my favorite time of year.

This Year, I am even more excited about it because our local rock/mix radio station now has The Bert Show, a syndicated program during drive time in the morning. It is not the syndication that has me excited, but the project they are promoting in support of US troops.

It is called The Big Thank You! A letter writing effort to get a personal letter in the hands of every one of our troops on Thanksgiving Day 2013.

I am writing my letters now and I would like to invite others to do the same. There are20 days to write individual letters to bundle up and either drop off at any Jersey Mike's sub shop OR send directly in to The Bert Show. These letters will be sent to our troops in time to be opened on Thanksgiving Day.

No matter how you feel about political policies regarding our troops, there are actual people who, for their own reasons, have decided to help protect our freedoms. These individuals are affected by policy, they did not write it. They are located all over the world and they deserve thanks for the sacrifices they have made or are making on our behalf.

If you can find time to give acknowledgement to these individuals, please click the link below to learn more about the effort and get details about guidelines and deadlines.

Studies show that making gratitude a part of our lives makes our lives richer and more rewarding. Not only do I want that for our troops, but I want that for YOU!

Coach Renee