Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Gratitude Jar

Today is a great day to share a message of gratitude or appreciation with someone or about something.

Imagine yourself surrounded by strips of brightly colored paper and a nice marker or pen. The papers are for recording your deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation, specially written with the finest marker or pen.

Take time now to increase your abundance and prosperity by recording these gratitudes and appreciations.

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#Thoughtsofgratitude @GratitudeParty

Many of the thought leaders of years ago agree that whatever you concentrate on, you receive. Think about what brings you joy, excitement, happiness, love, caring, prosperity, camaraderie: whatever it is for you that you want more of. Appreciate that state. Be grateful to those people whom exhibit this for you. Expressing gratitude in written form means you embrace it.


Today, I am happy and grateful that more people realize what they are capable of in order to affect their own lives in a positive way. Thank you for blessing my life with your growth and wisdom.

I am grateful to those who have worked to plant, raise, pick, harvest, package, inspect, distribute, deliver, price, display and ring the purchase of food for my family.

I am grateful that today I had a healthy meal, spoke with friends and neighbors, shared ideas with clients and coworkers and have a bed to sleep in tonight.

I am grateful for the rain we recieved tonight and the rumbles of thunder that remind us we are safely inside. 

I am most especially grateful that there is someone out there that feels inspired to share thoughts of gratitude: whether here, on Twitter, Facebook, at home, in your prayers- wherever and whenever the urge hits.

I appreciate you.